Welcome to The Delray Beach Property Owners’ Association

Dedicated to the Preservation and Enhancement of Our Beach Area

 The Beach Property Owners’ Association (BPOA) is a non-profit organization of property owners and residents who are dedicated to the concerns and quality of life in the area situated east of the Intracoastal Waterway in the city of Delray Beach.  The BPOA serves as a strong, respected voice in preserving the natural environment of Delray’s beach area, with due consideration to property rights.The BPOA advocates for responsible growth and development in conjunction with the preservation of scenic beauty and our environment.  We work closely with city officials and follow issues related to noise control, traffic safety and parking, police and fire protection, the Delray Beach Area Master Plan, and beach and dune preservation.

The BPOA depends on your financial support in order to preserve, protect and advance the interests of its members.  The Association’s annual dues are $25. Please mail to the BPOA office below. If you are not a member and are interested in becoming a BPOA member, OUR ANNUAL DUES ARE ONLY $25. CLICK BELOW TO JOIN

Thank you for your interest and support!

Ribbon Cutting for the new playground at Anchor Park

January 27th – Judli Casale Delray Beach City Commissioner, Ryan Boylston: Commissioner, Terrence Moore: City Manager, Missy Barletto: Head of Dept of Public Works, and Mayor Shelly Petrolia, and other dignitaries.

Help Clean Up The Beach

Do your part to help keep our dunes healthy and clean by grabbing a C.O.A.S.T pail and picking up litter on your next Beach Day

The BPOA held a membership meeting on March 30 at the Opal Grande Hotel.

County Commissioner Robert Weinroth spoke as did Deborah Drum, the Director of Environmental Resource Management.

Two new board members were introduced. Linda Pardo and Kelli Freeman.

City Manager Terrence Moore addressed a gathering of well over 100 members of the Beach Property Owners’ Association on December 15th.

He emphasized his background and accomplishments, skills he brings to Delray and how he expects to achieve stability and consistency in the Office.  He also outlined his vision for Delray Beach as a community moving forward.

February 21st, 2022 Social Photos



This educational tour was organized by Bill Petry and led by George Gann of the Institute for Regional Conservation. The dune walk stressed preserving the biodiversity they enable.

President’s Message:

It is notable to me that the B.P.O.A. has been serving the residents of the Barrier Island on a continuing basis ever since it was founded in 1967. As a member since the 70’s, the BPOA has provided me with information, support, and a sense of comfort, as a snowbird and now that Delray Beach is my permanent home.

The many accomplishments have been quite varied, not only to make the Barrier Island a better place to live, but also to enhance the value of Delray Beach for all city residents. The BPOA Board of Trustees continues to pursue problem areas and works with local government officials, especially regarding planning and zoning measures, appropriate landscaping and infrastructure improvements, to insure effective city services and attractive public facilities.

As you read the Mission Statement and Objectives, we hope you will gain a better understanding of how B.P.O.A. can best serve you.

We encourage you to review all contents of the website to appreciate the past accomplishments of the B.P.O.A. and what topics are on the current agenda of the Board of Trustees. We also provide updates via general and special topic newsletters, e-mail announcements and semi-annual membership meetings.

We always welcome member input and value your suggestions. I look forward to seeing you at our next general membership meeting.

– Bob Victorin, President