Welcome To The Delray Beach Property Owners’ Association

Dedicated to the Preservation and Enhancement of “Our Village by the Sea”


In order to preserve, protect and advance the interests of its members, the BPOA depends on your financial support. The Association’s annual dues are $25. Please mail to the BPOA office below. If you are not a member and are interested in becoming a BPOA member CLICK HERE
Thank you for your interest and support!
    BPOA works with the Delray Code Enforcement to implement the new county turtle-friendly artificial light law and advise both the commercial and residential properties how to comply.


  • Believes that all sidewalks on Gleason, Venetian and Andrews should be fixed or striped on one side of the street, as available in the CBD (Central Business District).
  • Encourages the City to adopt a comprehensive sidewalk plan in RM (Multi-Family Residential) areas.
  • In favor of closing sidewalk gaps on the West side of A1A, from Thomas Street to George Bush Blvd., where public right-of-way is available.
  • In favor of increasing pedestrian safety measures such as installing railings on and approaching the Atlantic Avenue Bridge.
  • Believes that lighting should be added, as necessary for safety, on all active city streets where current lighting is not adequate.
  • As in all major infrastructure improvements by the City, the residents in the local neighborhood most affected would need to support the new infrastructure considerations.
Message from the President

The Beach Property Owners’ Association has proudly served the beach front community since 1967. The primary focus of the B.P.O.A. is committed to maintaining a preferred lifestyle and preserving individual values while DEDICATED TO THE PRESERVATION AND ENHANCEMENT OF OUR VILLAGE BY THE SEA.

The B.P.O.A. had worked tirelessly to protect the beach from commercialization, the Intracoastal Waterway from noise and other types of pollution, the skylines from unseemly signs, and the streets and sidewalks from overcrowding. It monitors municipal bodies and activities to press for enactment and enforcement of positive planning and zoning measures, appropriate landscaping, more effective city services, and attractive public facilities. Individual owners who find their property rights or values threatened by new development can enlist the B.P.O.A. to plead their cause.

The complete Mission Statement OF THE B.P.O.A. as updated and approved in January 2002 by the Board of Trustees is reprinted below for your review. You will note that communications on all levels of the community is the focal point and main theme of the mission. Your trustees work diligently to maintain that responsibility.

As you read the mission and objectives we hope you will gain a better understanding of how B.P.O.A. can best serve you.

We believe that B.P.O.A. has achieved numerous objectives that have added to the quality of life for all those living in the beach front area. Importantly, all are welcome to become members and your support is necessary in order to meet our goals as growth in membership is the key to the success of the B.P.O.A.


The Beach Property Owners’ Association, Inc. endeavors to represent the concerns of the people living in the beach area of the City of Delray Beach, i.e.: the area between the Atlantic Ocean and the intracoastal Waterway, from the City’s border on the north with Gulf Stream to its border with Highland Beach to the south.

This is a most special and unique locale we call our “Village by the Sea.”

It is unique in that year-round residents, winter residents, and visitors who come for a week or two, live in close harmony with commercial establishments serving the needs of each. The B.P.O.A. recognizes that change is always present and nothing can stay the same forever. However, change must be compatible with the things that have made this beachfront area special and unique. For this reason, our needs and views are made known to the various governing agencies, as may be appropriate. In return, these agencies look to our organization for advice and constructive input on matters as they impact the beach area.

It is the belief of the B.P.O.A. that people come, and continue to come, to our area because it is unique. It is our mission to keep it that way – a Village by the Sea.

Mission Statement
It is our mission to represent the best interests of the majority of the residents living east of the Intracoastal Waterway in Delray Beach, in maintaining their preferred quality of life.
  • To maintain close ties with members of the Beach Property Owners’ Association, Inc. (“B.P.O.A.”) in order to understand their interests and concerns thoroughly , and to brief them on current events that affect them.
  • To maintain close ties with those officials of the City of Delray Beach who influence, control, or make decisions that may affect the members of the B.P.O.A. –including the Mayor, Commissioners, City Manager, and key City department heads. The main purpose is to be in a position to identify changes in planning and zoning regulations, City ordinances, plans, policies, and other matters that may affect quality of life in the beach area.
  • To investigate and analyze proposed changes and develop change and develop action plans that will effectively combat undesirable changes by the City of Delray Beach, and to represent the B.P.O.A. membership at appropriate City meetings to safeguard their interests—in short, to be their ombudsman.
  • To develop and update periodically, with membership input, a ‘vision of the future’ for the beach area. Goals created through this visioning’ will guide B.P.O.A. actions.
  • To keep abreast of all governmental (federal, state, and local) developments within the City that may impact the B.P.O.A. mission, and take appropriate action.