Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission Statement

It is our mission to represent the best interests of the majority of the residents living east of the Intracoastal Waterway in Delray Beach, in maintaining their preferred quality of life.

  • To maintain close ties with members of the Beach Property Owners’ Association, Inc. (“B.P.O.A.”) in order to understand their interests and concerns thoroughly , and to brief them on current events that affect them.
  • To maintain close ties with those officials of the City of Delray Beach who influence, control, or make decisions that may affect the members of the B.P.O.A. –including the Mayor, Commissioners, City Manager, and key City department heads. The main purpose is to be in a position to identify changes in planning and zoning regulations, City ordinances, plans, policies, and other matters that may affect quality of life in the beach area.
  • To investigate and analyze proposed changes and develop action plans that will effectively combat undesirable changes by the City of Delray Beach, and to represent the B.P.O.A. membership at appropriate City meetings to safeguard their interests—in short, to be their ombudsman.
  • To develop and update periodically, with membership input, a ‘vision of the future’ for the beach area. Goals created through this visioning’ will guide B.P.O.A. actions.
  • To keep abreast of all governmental (federal, state, and local) developments within the City that may impact the B.P.O.A. mission, and take appropriate action.